Half Marathon

The Tobacco Road Half-Marathon is a USATF-certified 13.1 mile course run on the American Tobacco Trail in Cary, NC.

Fees & Registration

Race Course

The half marathon is a USATF Certified 13.1mile course comprised of a simple out-and-back course.  

The half and full marathon races begin together at 7am on Brooks Park Lane and head towards the entrance of Thomas Brooks Park. At Green Level Church Road turn right and proceed past Green Hope School Road to Morrisville Parkway. At Morrisville Parkway, runners turn left and proceed for a little over 1 mile to the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). Runners turn left on the ATT and go south to a u-turn just past the Highway 64 underpass. 

The first and last 2.5 miles of both races are on paved roadways and the ATT surface is compacted screenings with some sections a combination of asphalt and compacted screenings.

Course Map with Elevation

Rucking Division

New for 2018 Tobacco Road Marathon is pleased to announce the addition of a non-competitive (i.e. no awards) rucking division for this year’s half-marathon that is open to all who wish to walk or run the course with a weighted rucksack.

To register for the Rucking Division, select Half Marathon and then in the Division drop down select RUCK Division.

For participants who want to Ruck with a certified weight (30 pounds for men over 150 pounds, 20 for those under that standard; 20 pounds for women over 150 pounds, 10 pounds for those under) a team will be on hand at the start area to weigh and certify rucks before the start of the event on race morning. In addition to the half-marathon finisher’s medal, the first 100 ruckers crossing the finish line will receive a traditional 2x3-inch morale patch to mark their achievement.

Ruck division participants are free to move at whatever pace they like during the event (“ruck running” isn’t particularly recommended, but some people do it.) A popular target pace is 15:00 per mile, which is a fast walk for many.

Training for Your 1st Half Marathon?

Looking for a training plan to complete your 1st half marathon, we've developed a plan that starts the September 7!