Why I Run the Tobacco Road Marathon with Team JDRF

By: Jennifer Rothwell

How does T1D relate to running you may ask?  Well, I've been a runner for over 10 years.  To say I love to run is an understatement!  After my son Liam's T1D diagnosis in 2014, at the age of 4, I easily could have let running and exercise fall by the wayside, but I kept with it. Running was my way to cope with the stress of managing this disease.  Because, as we know, T1D can be all consuming.


Fast forward to a few months after diagnosis and we moved from Boston to Apex, NC.  Upon arrival, I scanned the local road race calendar to see what I could sign up for.   The Tobacco Road Marathon stuck out- JDRF was a beneficiary!  With some further digging, I learned I could run for Team JDRF as a fundraiser.  I felt like it was meant to be, that it was only fitting I should run my very first Marathon at Tobacco Road.


I trained, fundraised and completed the TRM in 2015 and 2016.  It was an amazing experience both years.  From how well organized the race itself was, to the support along the course and high five-ing the TRM Race Director as I crossed the finish line.  I was even lucky enough to run a portion of the race with another T1D parent who was also a team JDRF member- Mary Beth Osborne.  Liam, and his twin brother Jack both ran me in to the finish line this year.  Memories that will last a lifetime.  


In 2017 I will be running for the Team once again, this time as a Half Marathoner.  I'm looking forward to it and to meeting some fellow JDRF runners at the starting line once again.  If you are on the fence, I encourage you to go for it- either the Half or Full 26.2 miles.  You will see many of us there with our blue JDRF racing “singlets,” supporting one another!

(Jennifer Rothwell is the parent of a child battling type 1 diabetes. She runs the Tobacco Road Marathon to support the ongoing battle against the disease. - TRM)


A JDRF Mom Runs with TRM.