The Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and Feetures! Half Marathon are the first of their kind to embrace the town of Cary, North Carolina and Western Wake County. They are organized by a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated with its sponsors to providing financial assistance to its partner charities by channeling the passions of runners everywhere, and particularly those in the North Carolina Triangle area, into a powerful force for good.

The Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon features over 20 miles of the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). The rest of the course is flat and fast with a downhill finish. Up to 10 perecent of our runners qualify for the legendary Boston Marathon!  Less experienced runners benefit too as the fast, flat, energy-absorbing course and ideal temperatures (averaging in the 40's and 50's Fahrenheit) make it a great setting for your personal record. We even have a bell for you to ring and celebrate at the end. Both races start and finish at the USA Baseball/Thomas Brooks Park. The overall event weekend is organized by an all-volunteer staff and 100 percent of proceeds go to charity. Cumulative charitable contributions will exceed one half million dollars - $500,000+ in 2015.

In addition, the event greatly benefits the city of Cary and the surrounding communities.  Approximately 4,500 runners plus 7,000 spectators are expected to visit. With the race being held on Sunday, many runners will make Cary a weekend destination; arriving on Friday to get settled and spending Saturday enjoying the shops, people and great food of the local communities.  The enormous economic benefit from hosting a marathon has been demonstrated in nearby cities that stage similar events such as Richmond, Charlotte and the Outer Banks.

Both the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and the Feetures! Half Marathon courses are USA Track & Field (USATF) certified. They share the same road for approximately two miles, with the full marathon turning north upon entry to the ATT and the half going south.  The first two miles and the last two of both races are on paved roadways.  The ATT surface is crushed granite "compacted screenings" and the north sections just past New Hope road is combination of asphalt and crushed granite. The races begin at 7:00AM and the course closes at 2:00PM.  Up to 4,500 participants will be registered (2,800 half marathon runners and 1,700 full marathon runners).

The inaugural event was held March 21, 2010 with over 3,400 registered runners, representing 39 States and has grown every year. In 2014 the Tobacco Road Marathon was named by Runner's World Magazine as one of the top nine best new marathons.

Both races begin on Brooks Park Lane and head towards the entrance of Thomas Brooks Park. At Green Level Church Road, runners make a right and follow Green Level Church Road past Green Hope School Road to Morrisville Parkway. At Morrisville Parkway, runners make a left and proceed for a little over 1 mile to the American Tobacco Trail (ATT).

Marathon runners make a right on the ATT and go north to a u-turn, proceed down the ATT to the southern end and u-turn at Olive Chapel.  To return to the park runners will exit the ATT at Morrisville Parkway and retrace their steps to the Thomas Brooks Park. Half Marathon Runners have a simple out-and-back course.  From Morrisville Parkway runners make a left on the ATT and go south to a u-turn point just past the Highway 64 under path.