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We have 2 training plans that started in September, but you can pick up wherever you are in your training. 

Top 10 Tips from Kaz

Diagnosed with coronary artery disease in 2002, Tobacco Road Marathon Founder, Kazem Yahyapour, started running to lose weight and improve his general health. Within four months, he ran his first marathon and since then has run an additional 15 marathons. His favorite is the Boston Marathon, which he has finished 10 times. Check out the video below for more on his story and his determination to train no matter the weather!

10. Mimic the course on two or three half marathons at marathon pace or 30 seconds faster
9. Get in some speed work and hill work every other week
8. Add few miles of speed (marathon pace or better) to your longest long run
7. Cross train 2 times per week
6. Run 2 to 3 miles the day before marathon
5. Prepare mentally for how you will during the race - imagine success!
4. On race day change as little as possible from your normal pre-run routine
3. Get to race at least one hour before race - preferably earlier
2. Drink something every 2 miles (no matter if weather is cold or hot)
1. Remember - pain is temporary but running Boston Qualification (BQ) or personal best is forever!

Above all else, Don't second guess your goals and training.

Cid's Tips

Tobacco Road Marathon Vice President and Board Member Cid Cardoso, Jr. has completed 28 Ironman races won the Umstead Marathon in 2004. Below is a list of Cid's tips gained from over 20 years of racing. We hope this helps you train effectively.

Follow a basic plan

  • Consider a running coach who can create a program personalized to your needs and gives you 1-to-1 interaction
  • Consider a running group such as Galloway for guidance and social support
  • On-line programs help provide basic guidance and can be less expensive (for example)
  • Why do all this? So you can stay motivated, get enough miles in, get the rest you need, and stay away from injuries

Pay attention to nutrition

  • Use on-line resources such as Active and Runner's World
  • Have a plan for what you are going to eat and when 
    • Don't fall behind, it's hard to "make up" calories
    • Know that your body can absorb only so much at a time
    • Have a back-up plan
  • Train with a variety of the race-provided gels (Gu Energy) and fluid replacement (water and Gatorade) so you don't have to carry too much while you run
    • If you use alternative nutrition not provided by the race... figure out how to carry it (gel carriers, fuel belt...) and practice with it before race day
  • Don't forget the sodium!
    • Sodium is important for body balance when absorbing both hydration & calories
    • Try salt tablets, gels with sodium, and the fluid replacement drink (Gatorade)

TitanXT's Training Tools

The Tobacco Road Marathon has partnered with TitanXT to provide runners with training plans and integrated workout tracking for the half and full marathons. These training packages include novice and intermediate training plans that have been developed in conjunction with USA Track and Field and USA Triathlon certified coaches at One Step Beyond Multisport Coaching.

As a training plan subscriber, you’ll get free access to TitanXT to plan, view, log and analyze your training. Each day you have a scheduled workout and you’ll receive an email outlining the plan for that day. You’ll have great mapping software to help you plan and keep track of your favorite running routes, and tie those routes to the day’s planned distance.

Charts keep track of your progress, and when the race is complete, you’ll get a personalized summary of your race results.

You don’t need to purchase a plan to use TitanXT for your workout tracking, but these training packages are a bargain at only $6.95, with the proceeds going right back to our non-profit race (this means more donations to our charities!)

View the Titan XT Plans


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