Enjoy Your Race

Getting the Most Out of Your Weekend

We want you to get the most out of your weekend with us, whether you are a runners or on a support team! Check out our training & nutrition tips as well as these suggestions for planning your weekend. Enjoy all features of your time with us - from arriving at the Embassy Suites hotel to attending our Expo, pre-race packet pickup, to enjoying the triangle area and, of course, enjoying the races!

Expo: Pre-race Friday & Saturday

The best times to attend if you don't want to deal with crowd is Saturday morning; the expo opens at 10am.

When you are at the Expo...

  • Be patient if there are lines for your race number or t-shirt; don't get aggravated before your big race
  • Allow time to walk around and visit with the many interesting vendors and sponsors
  • Address any last minute needs:
    • Nutrition (gels, gel flasks, salt tablets, fuel belt)
    • Lube
    • Socks or compression sleaves 
    • Check out race apparel
    • Get useful info about the course and logistics

Race Day

When arriving at the race:

  • Allow time for the unpredictable things like traffic as roads in the area are narrow
  • Go early to allow time for parking and riding the buses
  • Warmup and make a stop at the port-o-johns
  • Bag check is provided; bring your own bag that closes completely so keys and phones don't fall out
  • The 'big tent' will be back so come sit and rest until it's time to head to the start line

Dressing for the race

March is a transitional weather time in Raleigh; temperatures start cold but can warm up quickly.

  • Plan on 30°F in the morning and 50°F mid afternoon
  • Cover your head and hands, as they lose heat quickly
  • Technical fabrics with wicking fibers are better than cotton 
  • Consider items with temperature range (thin base layers) or clothing can be peeled off such as arm warmers
    • Clothing donation boxes will be available near aid stations
  • Compression gear (socks, calf sleeves, shorts, tights) can really help on long runs

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